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September 23, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Lo o dem bones, behold the frothing of new nodes within the nodegel. The editors and godgroup rub their pseudopods together in exclamation and joy. Our tiny thoraxes swell with pride and devotion. The noders are good. The nodegel is good. Foresaking giving birth to most of our own nodes, we swim through the gel to cull and cool and care for the nodes of the many. The nodes of the many outweigh the nodes of the few. Or the one. Behold our handiwork though we have no hands.

The Crypt renders into freegel:

  • hairdye by starchyk. At the suggestion of the noble whizkid.
  • The shell from the everyone trolling killed by the mighty and strong chinned wharfinger.
  • dogg by rudebwoy. Suggested by alex.tan. Nov. 13, 1999. Might have meant something to someone at some time. Not now.
A few title edits. Dissolved:

Not wanting to take XP from a novice, I /msged starchyk and asked her to move her hairdye write-up to hair dye, as hairdye is not a single word and a hair dye node already exists.

I suggested to one of the gods to delete the entire hairdye node afterwards.

Killed more empty write-ups by pinky64. An asterisk marks an empty nodeshell as a result of the kill. If the title is not underlined, one the gods has removed the empty nodeshell.

I went through two full pages of pinky64's write-ups, ordered Oldest First, node by node. There are no empty write-ups left on those two pages now.

Killed Pol Pot by ojnk. It was one of those E1 one-liners by a noder who never logged in to E2. Everything in it is explained in much more detail in the write-ups by E2 noders.

After humbabba posted a great write-up on Trojan War, I have killed the two "legacy" write-ups from E1, one by chaosdiscord (never logged in), the other by KaZe JoNeS (not logged in since last February). I placed Trojan War on Page of Cool, and thanked humbabba for making E2 a better place. If any of the gods reads this, please consider giving humbabba your blessing. It is a truly remarkable write-up!.

I beat them to death with my strong chin, and then pound them into undifferentiated slimy goo. Next, I fold the goo gently back into the gel: Serves six. The gel wiggles happily. I lapse into a stuporous contentment. Days pass: The stars travel obscurely in their tracks, like little BB's. My roots embrace the soil and my chelicerae nip irritably at vortices of ugliness in the gel. My eyes roll around in my head. I lift my leafy arms to pray. Time passes. Empires rise and fall. Eons march wearily down the road to oblivion and the C9X standard is never finalized. I abide. So it goes.

  • DMan... lost or no? by everyone: Some idiot claiming that DMan will return and troll with the everyone account. Oddly, the only DMan-related everyone trolling I've seen lately was . . . this. Spare us. sensei has returned the nodeshell to the gel. The nodeshell was misshapen and in pain. Its substance has now found peace. We rejoice, in a quiet way.

  • How to keep an idiot busy by necromancer: "Click here to find out How To Keep An Idiot Busy", with a recursive link. NO. We have nineteen dozen copies of this joke. Do not node this joke. It has been done. Thank you. The good news is that I'd been trying to talk to him (he's a new user), and this got his attention. As per usual, he's a good guy who doesn't know the ropes.

  • his by §ummer§torm: §ummer§torm was last seen on September 10. Before leaving, s/he blanked two of three remaining writeups. The third, The Harder you fall the more difficult it becomes to pick yourself up again., is very good. I killed one of the empty ones, his; somebody else seems to have gotten The Concept of Us and We while I was bloviating here.

Killed: pinky64's writeup in chain saw (Note the space). Total content: "The way that retards like me spell chainsaw before they are hit over the head." Bleah. It's a nodeshell now.

And I haven't found anymore of pinky64's blank writeups, but I'm keeping my eye open for 'em.

Killed: writeups by pi and Hai-Etlik in I think you mean hypocrite. The first one said "spelling problem." and the second one said "cpeling probllemm?" This one is now a nodeshell. Both kills were suggested by hramyaegr.

Spared: Soberty's writeup in Melioidosis (Whitmore disease). Hramyaegr points out that it needs a copyright notice. The writeup included lots of real live content, so I /msg'd Soberty and requested that he/she add a copyright notice.

Killed: Skip Franklin's writeups in Transformers comic mythology ("The history of the Transformers, according to the comic book which was printed during the 80's. Should not be confused with the Transformers cartoon mythology.") and Transformers cartoon mythology ("The history of the Transformers, according to the cartoon which ran during the 80's. Should not be confused with the Transformers comic mythology.") for blatant NFN and total lack of useful info. Both suggested by hramyaegr.

Killed: Hai-Etlik's writeup under Transformers cartoon mythology. It merely pointed out that there is now a 3D Transformers cartoon without including any actual robot mythology. Again, suggested by hramyaegr. Both of the Transformers nodes above are now nodeshells.

Killed: Jhrulith's writeup in Hostage Rescue Team. A "See also" node and now, a nodeshell. Suggested by, once again, hramyaegr.

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