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(Also known as D'Archangel, Che Banana & The Prophet Qa'Spell/Qa'Sepel, among others)

Born January 23rd, 1954, Edward is possibly the most inspiring, experimental musician I have personally come across. He is a solo artist, the lead singer & co-founder of Legendary Pink Dots, a member of Mimir & Tear Garden. He is also a co-founder of Terminal Kaleidoscope, which is the official mail order service for LPD.

Born in London, United Kingdom. Currently resides in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

His ex-wife is Elke Pueker (also know as Elke Skelter Ka-Spel), the mother of his child Calyxx (born September 8th, 1992), & she is also a musician.

He has appeared on releases by Nurse With Wound, & Steve Stapleton produced both the "Asylum" & "Malachai" albums. Nurse With Wound's "Soliloquy for Lilith" is actually dedicated to Calyxx.

He has authored a book called "Love & Loud Colours", a beautiful hardback compendium featuring 123 of his writings (lyrics, stories & fragments), which became available in September 2002. The dustjacket features a beautiful photograph of the stained glass rose window in the Beauvais Cathedral. The book is also laden with gorgeous illustrations. The first 834 copies were hand-numbered & tied with silver ribbon.

People interviewing Edward tend to get the wrong end of the stick, as it were, so it can make for somewhat difficult digestion. The interviewer usually makes some rash, ill-thought-out assumption, & Edward replies with, "Well, not really.. exactly the opposite, in fact."

Edward had no musical training before forming the Legendary Pink Dots with Phil Silverman in approximately 1980.

His favourite authors include Harlan Ellison, Hermann Hesse & Keith Roberts. He's a big fan of groups like Nurse With Wound, Skinny Puppy & Current 93. He has also said he likes Radiohead & even Tricky.

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