Ed is an almost mythical hacker from Earth in the anime series "Cowboy Bebop". She came up with her full name herself; in stories, she is known as "Radical Edward". Described by the general public as everything from an alien to a transvestite, Ed is actually a thirteen-year-old girl -- or so she says. However, she is often mistaken for a boy, due to her tomboyish attitude and figure. Ed's hacking abilities are legendary; she has the ability to decrypt passcodes almost instantaneously (with the help of an odd-looking hacking program that resembles a deformed smiley face), or take control of vehicles and pilot them remotely.

Ed was born on January 1st, though the exact year is unknown. Abandoned by her father when she was young, Ed spent much of her life wandering the wastelands of the post-Gate Accident Earth, hacking away at various computers with her custom machine Tomato, which curiously resembles a sort of futuristic Apple //c with a holographic display. Due to her solitary life, she has an almost animal-like quality to her, often biting people and crawling on all fours -- but this attitude is tempered by an almost singleminded devotion to her hacking abilities. Due to this, she gets along very well with the ship's data dog, Ein.

Ed became a big fan of the Bebop, tracking their movements throughout the solar system, and eventually constructing a ruse to lure them to Earth, where she dealt her way into becoming a member of the crew. Despite being very quirky and annoying, she quickly proved herself as a valuable member of the Bebop.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV first appeared in the episode "Jamming with Edward". Ed's Japanese seiyuu (voice actor) is Tada Aoi. Her English voice actor is Melissa Charles.

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