A tea marketed by the Yogi Tea Company. It has a sweet flavor, not a candy licorice flavor, but more honey-like with a cinnamon aftertaste. A very pleasant beverage to drink, especially when coupled with cookies or sweet crackers. It is preferably prepared without sweetener or milk; the natural sweetness is plenty. The tea contains all organically grown spices including: Licorice Root, Cinnamon Bark, Orange Peel, Ginger Root, Cardamom Seed, Black Pepper, and Clove bud.

Description from the tea box:

The Great Kings of Egypt treasured the “magical” licorice root for its natural sweetness, deep rich flavor and healthful properties. No licorice treat is more delicious or satisfying than our Egyptian Licorice Tea, a blend of selected herbs, spices and natural flavorings from Egypt and around the globe. Add milk and sweetener if you like, and enjoy these great flavors of the world.

I discovered this tea existed through my local food co-op a few years ago. I drink far too much tea, and because I have been labeled as a tea drinker, everyone I know now buys me some sort of tea with every holiday. This would be nice, except there are roughly fifteen-million different varietie] of tea, and quite frankly I’m tired of receiving gems such as "Lemon-Ginger-Peach" tea. I tried this one once despite my knowledge that I would probably dislike it. I burped up disgusting peach- fumes for an hour afterwards.

iknoweverything's description is quite effective. It doesn’t taste anything like licorice, but mildly sweet and spicy. It’s the aftertaste that gets me. A second after any sip one is rewarded with a kick of warmth akin to cinnamon.

As it is an herbal tea, there is no caffeine. I know this may cause many of you to snort and begin looking for a coffee pot and a Vivarin, but if you enjoy tea late at night as I do, caffeine is a big no no.

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