(Hinduism: Vaishnavism)

  1. The first effect of the nama is that it cleanses the mirror of the heart,
  2. the second effect is that it extinguishes the fire of misery in the forest of birth and death [samsara],
  3. the third effect is that like the rays of the moon it causes the flower of the jiva's ultimate good fortune to bloom, and
  4. the fourth effect is that it bestows the innermost transcendental knowledge which is compared to a young bride.
  5. The fifth effect is that it increases the ocean of transcendental pleasure,
  6. the sixth effect is that it makes us taste the highest nectar at every step, and
  7. the seventh is that it thoroughly cools and purifies us inside and out.
  8. These are the seven effects of chanting hari-nama, and after this it bestows prema, making eight.
This gradual awakening beginning with cleansing the mirror of the heart is nisanta-bhajana, and after this, when one meditates with rasika-bhava on the eight parts [Ashtakaliya-lila] of Sri Krishna's day, His direct service is attained.

Parts excerpted from The Nectar of Govinda-lila by Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja

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