Eight Foot Llama

It really does exist!!!!!!

I'm not kidding you peoples. You think that I just made this up on the spurr off the moment but I didn't. Heres the facts:

Oh, so now you want some information about the games. Here goes:

Life Links:

  • This is an easy-to-learn card game that teaches kids 8 and up about the way plants and animals depend on each other to survive. Players must build webs of cards that fit together while fending off both human and natural threats to their expanding ecosystems. Different versions of the game allow for team play and co-operative play, where players must work together to succeed.
  • LifeLinks includes 96 glossy cards with 80 full-color photos, a die, and a rules sheet.
  • Who stole Ed's Pants?

  • Frame your opponents for pant theft in this light-hearted yet strategic card game. Rally your supporters as case facts change, evidence is planted and witnesses falter. It's a mind-bending travesty of justice.
  • Who Stole Ed's Pants includes 95 full-color glossy cards, 4 laminated player mats, 14 glass gaming stones, and a rules sheet. Note: A second version of this game has been released
  • Monkey on the Moon

  • Six monkey tribes vie for supremacy while you decide which ones to launch back home to Earth. These tribes do not get along, and you must decide which ones to befriend while enduring the scorn of the others. Will you be anointed the Supreme Leader of these primates?
  • Monkeys on the Moon is a full-color game that includes 110 cards, 48 wooden pieces, a game board and a rules sheet. (The original artwork was done by Scott Starkey.)
  • Piece Pack

  • The Piece-Pack is a set of boardgame pieces including tiles, coins, dice and pawns. It was invented by James Kyle (Glastyn Games) with the idea that anyone could design games for it. (The piece-pack is available through Mesomorph Games.)
  • A master list of all games for the piece-pack will be appearing at: www.piecepack.org.

  • Thanks to eightfootllama and Scott Starkey

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