The eponymous debut album

Britpop classic. I'm not so sure its stood the test of time as an album but Line Up and Connection,Waking Up will live on.

Track listing
  1. Line Up (3:15) Wire like stomper. Short sharp dirty riffs and pulsing bass. Plus someone going 'Urrghhh' a lot.
  2. Annie (1:13) Short punkish number
  3. Connection (2:20)Great in indie clubs. Guaranteed to get your granny in the mosh pit.
  4. Car Song (2:24) Raunchy slightly silly track. Justine's posh and naughty mouthings provide cheap thrills.
  5. Smile (1:40) No messing solid track
  6. Hold me now (2:32) Starts with Justine chatting. Boy is she posh!Don't stop shaking it's my head that makes me want to second guess at distance hoping there's a method to your madness baby
  7. S.O.F.T (3:58)
  8. Indian Song (2:46) Ride like harmonies.
  9. Blue (2:21) Quiet start, count of one,two,three,four. Crank up the amp.
  10. All-Nighter (1:33) Simple but effective garage punk. Justine screams sexily.
  11. Waking Up (3:15) Great track. Turn the volume up full.
  12. 2:1 (2:31) Wire will be contacting their lawyers.
  13. Vaseline (1:22) For some reason this is one of my favourites. Despite the tawdry implications.
  14. Never Here (4:26) Hints of Brett Anderson and Justine's relationship.
    you were far to busy writing
    lines that didn't scan
    and you lent me your records
    and I lent you an ear
  15. Stutter (2:23) Anthem to female frustration with men who are crap at sex.
    is there something you lack when I'm flat on my back

Elastica's early career was marred by their being sued not once but twice for ripping off other songs on their first album (surely some sort of record?). The songs:

Also legendary for taking longer to release albums than Stone Roses. Elastica was released in 1995, while The Menance appeared just a few months ago.

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