Hum's second album. A bit rough around the edges, in a high school notebook kind of way, which actually makes for an incredibly appealing aesthetic. For me, anyway. This album is damn hard to find. It was out of print for a while, then re-released not long ago on the Martians Go Home label, which as far as I know serves the sole purpose of releasing old Hum stuff. After extreme amounts of searching, I finally found a copy a couple of years back. This album reminds me a lot of high school, actually. And the winter. All Hum albums remind me of wintertime. Anyway, here's the track list:

1. Iron Clad Lou
2. Pinch & Roll
3. Shovel
4. Pewter
5. Scraper
6. Firehead
7. Sundress
8. Double dip
9. Winder
10. Diffuse (second release only)

Inside front cover reads:

The Wednesday whistle blasted and the cling-clang activity of the #7 Orion mine9 slammed to a silent halt. Jostled into the lifter, thought of the weekend ahead, knowing I would pass it as I had all the others, in the planet's gravity rooms, swilling beer, hands on the feelers, watching Electra dance.

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