Originally, Roy Wood's change of name and direction for his band The Move; the merging of a light orchestra with a hard rock band. The proof-of-concept was early hits like "Roll Over Beethoven". Wood left to form more diversified projects, like Wizzard. ELO became Jeff Lynne's band, and made some of the more listenable pop of the 70's. Now Lynne is on the Rock Senior Tour with The Traveling Wilburys (ELO II wheezes on without him), and is a Big Name Producer.

When the Beatles began adding orchestral arrangements into their sound in the mid-1960’s, they opened up a world of new ideas for musicians trying to blend classical music with rock and roll. Many bands have tried this over the years, but few have done so successfully. ELO had several hits from the late 70’s to the early 80’s with a series of pop songs that matched an orchestral sound, creating some of the most nifty pop music of that era.

Electric Light Orchestra was created from the dead band Move, an English group known in America for a song called “Do Ya.” When they died, Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan formed a group that mixed classical ideas with rock music and “pick up where the Beatles left off with ‘I Am The Walrus’.” Wood left after the first album, but Lynne and Bevan continued to produce the classical-rock idea with new pieces. In 1973, they got air time with “Roll Over Beethoven,” a Chuck Berry cover that worked in parts of Beethoven’s ‘Fifth Symphony.’

On the Third Day, ELO's next album, included another favorite “Daybreaker.” However, they had their breakthrough in 1974 with Eldorado. On this album, the group augmented themselves with a 30-piece string section to present a medieval-themed conceptual opus about a dreamer trying to find his way to paradise. The album became their first Top-10 and also included a hit single in “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head.” Like the album, it soared into the Top-10.

In 1975, Electric Light Orchestra scored another Top-10 album with Face The Music, with another Top-10 single - “Evil Woman” - a danceable tune built on energetic string riffs. “Strange Magic,” a love song built on a harmony and strings, also hit the Top-20. The hits kept rolling for Electric Light Orchestra in 1976 with A New World Record, their first album to hit the Top-5. Filled with hits like “Livin’ Thing” and the ornate, "doo-wop-styled balladry" of “Telephone Line.” The group also rereleased their past with a Top-30 remake of “Do Ya.”

Electric Light Orchestra reached a new creative peak when they released the double-album Out Of The Blue in late 1977. It brought their combination of classical and pop sound to a new level, most notably on “Concerto For A Rainy Day,” which brought four songs into one rock/orchestra piece.. It also contained several hits. “Turn To Stone” and “Sweet Talkin’ Woman,” blended rock with choral and orchestral arrangements. Both made the Top-20. “Mr. Blue Sky,” a Beatles-ish rip from the album’s “Concerto,” also became a Top-40 hit.

In 1979, Electric Light Orchestra continued their success streak with Discovery. The disco-styled “Shine A Little Love” became a Top-10 hit from this album, as did “Don’t Bring Me Down.” The latter song was also notable because it was their first hit without a string section. 1980 - Electric Light Orchestra releases their first film score for the Olivia Newton-Johnroller skating, bad clothing, musical Xanadu. It led to two hits - “I’m Alive” and “All Over The World,”. The title song, featuring Newton-John on lead vocals, became a Top-10 single.

Electric Light Orchestra returned to pop music in 1981 with Time, an album that downplayed strings in favor of a more electronic sound. It gave the band yet another Top-10 single with “Hold On Tight” and was followed by the band’s first tour since the early 1970’s. Secret Messages was released in 1983 and boasted a Top-20 hit in the oldies-tribute “Rock and Roll Is King.” In 1986, the band broke down to a trio of Lynne, Bevan and Tandy to create Balance Of Power. They scored one last Top-20 hit with “Calling America” before disbanding later that year.

Since Electric Light Orchestra split, Jeff Lynne has released a solo album (Armchair Theater) and become a producer who has worked with Tom Petty and Roy Orbison. He also paid tribute to Electric Light Orchestra’s original inspiration when he produced the new songs for the Beatles on their Anthology albums. Bev Bevan formed Electric Light Orchestra Part II, a reunion group featuring some of the original band’s members. They have become a hit on the international concert (though not much in America), proving that Electric Light Orchestra’s rock/classical combination was far enough ahead of its time to remain in style for years to come.


Electric Light Orchestra (No Answer):1972

    1.10538 Overture
    2.Look At Me Now
    3.Nellie Takes Her Bow
    4.Battle Of Marston Moor (July 2nd 1644)
    5.First Movement (Jumping Biz)
    6.Mr. Radio
    7.Manhattan Rumble (49th Street Massacre)
    8.Queen Of The Hours
    9.Whisper In The Night

Electric Light Orchestra II:1973

    1.In Old England Town. (Boogie No. 2)
    3.Roll Over Beethoven
    4.From The Sun To The World (Boogie No. 1)

On The Third Day:1973

    1.Ocean Breakup/King Of The Universe
    2.Bluebird Is Dead
    3.Oh No Not Susan
    4.New World Rising/Ocean Breakup Reprise
    8.Dreaming Of 4000
    9.In The Hall of The Mountain King

Eldorado A Symphony By ELO:1974

    1.Eldorado Overture
    2.Can't Get It Out Of My Head
    3.Boy Blue
    4.Laredo Tornado
    5.Poor Boy (The Greenwood)
    6.Mister Kingdom
    7.Nobody's Child
    8.Illusions In G Major
    10.Eldorado - Finale
    11.Eldorado Instrumental Medley
    12.Dark City

Face The Music:1975

    1.Fire On High
    3.Evil Woman
    6.Strange Magic
    7.Down Home Town
    8.One Summer Dream

A New World Record:1976

    2.Telephone Line
    4.Mission (A World Record)
    5.So Fine
    6.Livin' Thing
    7.Above The Clouds
    8.Do Ya

Out Of The Blue:1977

    1.Turn To Stone
    2.It's Over
    3.Sweet Talkin' Woman
    4.Across The Border
    5.Night In The City
    8.Believe Me Now
    9.Steppin' Out
    10.Standin' In the Rain
    11.Big Wheels
    12.Summer & Lightning
    13.Mr Blue Sky
    14.Sweet Is The Night
    15.The Whale
    16.Birmingham Blues
    17.Wild West Hero


    1.Shine A Little Love
    3.Need her Love
    4.The Diary Of Horace Wimp
    5.Last Train To London
    6.Midnight Blue
    7.On The Run
    9.Don't Bring Me Down
    10.On The Run
    11.Second Time Around
    12.Little Town Flirt


    1.ELO - I'm Alive
    2.ELO - The Fall
    3.ELO - Don't Walk Away
    4.ELO - All Over The World
    5.ELO/ONJ - Xanadu
    6.ONJ - Magic
    7.ONJ/Cliff Richard - Suddenly
    8.ONJ/Tubes - Dancin'
    9.ONJ - Suspended In Time
    10.ONJ/Gene Kelly- Whenever You're Away From Me


    3.Yours Truly, 2095
    4.Ticket To The Moon
    5.The Way Life's Meant To Be
    6.Another Heart Breaks
    7.Rain Is Falling
    8.From The End Of The World
    9.The Lights Go Down
    10.Here Is The News
    11.21st Century Man
    12.Hold On Tight
    14.The Bouncer
    15.When Time Stood Still
    16.Julie Don't Live Here

Secret Messages:1983

    1.Secret Messages
    2.Loser Gone Wild
    4.Take Me On and On
    5.Time After Time
    6.Four Little Diamonds
    8.Danger Ahead
    9.Letter From Spain
    10.Train of Gold
    11.Rock 'n' Roll is King
    12.No Way Out
    13.Endless Lies
    14.After All

Balance Of Power:1986

    1.Heaven Only Knows
    2.So Serious
    3.Getting To The Point
    4.Secret Lives
    5.Is It Alright?
    6.Sorrow About To Fall
    7.Without Someone
    8.Calling America
    9.Endless Lies
    10.Send It

Zoom: 2001

    2.Moment In Paradise
    3.State Of Mind
    4.Just For Love
    5.Stranger On A Quiet Street
    6.In My Own Time
    7.Easy Money
    8.Really Doesn't Matter At All
    9.Ordinary Dream
    10.A Long Time Gone
    11.Melting In The Sun
    12.All She Wanted
    13.Lonesome Lullaby
    14.Long Black Road

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