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Member of the superhero group Planetary, from the comic book by the same name published by DC/Wildstorm (spoilers ahead).

Elijah Snow was born on January 1 1900, and is still around at the end of the century. This is a trait that he shares with Jenny Sparks and Doc Brass, among others. He dresses exclusively in white three-piece suits and has snow-white hair and the power to freeze things (this doesn't sound like much but is in reality very powerful).

His personality could pretty much be summed up as "a cold bastard"; he doesn't care much for others and doesn't even trust his teammates. His main driving force is curiosity, to uncover the secrets of the world, and in his quest to do so he has been known to threaten, torture and even kill people. Oh, and he once froze Dracula solid and kicked his crotch off.

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