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Elizabeth Winthrop grew up in Washington, D.C., the only girl in her family; she had five brothers. Her great-great uncle was Teddy Roosevelt, and her dad was Stewart Alsop, a well-known political journalist.   "My father worked at home and one of my earliest memories is the pop-pop of typewriter keys hitting the round rubber carriage of his old Underwood. I grew up believing that writing was an honorable profession and that you could actually make a living at it."

Elizabeth went to Sarah Lawrence College, where she studied with Grace Paley and Jane Cooper, but I don't know who they are. She later worked as an editor in the children's department of a major publishing house, though I can't get any website to admit which publisher it was.

There is not much biographical information available about her on the web, except www.absolute-sway.com, Elizabeth's own website, on which she yammers at such great length about her childhood that I just can't make myself care. I will tell you that she has written over forty books for kids, and she lives in New York. The rest is up to you. Here's what she wrote:


As the Crow Flies

Asleep in a Heap

The Battle for the Castle

Bear and Roly-Poly

Bear's Christmas Surprise

The Castle in the Attic

Dumpy La Rue

He Is Risen

I'm the Boss!

Island Justice

The Little Humpbacked Horse

Maggie and the Monster



Sloppy Kisses

Story of the Nativity

A Very Noisy Girl

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