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Having spent the formative years of my life in Elk County, I have my own extremely biased opinion of what constitute the most noteworthy parts of that little corner of nowheresville.

First and foremost would of course be the Eternal Tap. Located in Straub Brewery in St. Marys, the Eternal tap has been spewing forth free beer for over 120 years.

Second is the Big Cow. Located at Ayrshire Dairy/Bar/Gas Station/Grocery Store, the 15 foot tall cow is the second tallest fiberglass cow in the world. (Right behind Salem Sue in New Salem, ND - But don’t tell the folks of Kersey, PA that it is only the second largest)

You see in Elk County there are really only two beverages: milk and beer. They start you out on beer, and then when you hit the rip old age of 3 or 4 they switch you over to beer.

Elk County’s namesake is its natural Elk herd, which as far as I know is the southernmost Elk herd East of the Mississip.

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