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A member of the Justice League of America published by DC Comics.

Ralph Dibny is the real name of the hero the Elongated Man. Growing up thin and lanky, Ralph idolized sideshow contortionists, aspiring to be one. He interviewed many contortionists, trying to discover what gave them their abilities. Finally, Ralph found that all of the contortionists drank Gingold Soda. Researching the drink, Ralph found that it contained the juice of the gingo, a fruit from the tropics. Distilling it down to its very essence, Ralph took the concoction and discovered that it gave him the ability to stretch his body. Craving public attention, Ralph adopted a costumed identity with which to fight crime. In this way, Ralph Dibny became the Elongated Man, one of the most poorly-named heroes in all comicdom.

Ralph and his wife Sue proceeded to have many adventures, becoming the Nick and Nora Charles of the DC Universe, if Nick could stretch any of his body parts and wore a really ugly costume. They solved mystries together, which Ralph usually announced by twitching his nose and saying 'I smell a mystery!"

The Elongated Man eventually became a member of the Justice League of America and served many years in its varied incarnations. Currently, he is not an active member of the group.

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