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Emergency Brake Assist, or EBA, is a system that will boost brake pressure to the maximum in an emergency situation to ensure the quickest stop possible.

EBA monitors the brake pedal, and determines whether or not an emergency situation is present based on the rapidity and force the driver uses to actuate the pedal (although some systems monitor how quickly the accelerator was released). If the system does determine an emergency and sees that the driver is not braking hard enough, it will override and brake with full force until either of the following occurs:

  • The driver releases the pedal.

  • The wheels begin to lock, at which point EBA hands the braking over to the ABS.

  • Or, obviously, the vehicle comes to a halt (if it didn't run into what it was trying to avoid).

The system was developed after research discovered that many drivers were not reacting quickly enough or were not braking hard enough when an emergency situation occurs. These notions lead to longer stopping distances and many accidents that could have been prevented.

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