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This is the cheapest and easiest to make of all the cheap facials. It's good for a last minute lift to a tired, worn out skin with puffy eyes and/or fatigue blemishes. It will also effectively prevent any new blemishes appearing during the night out after you've had it.

  • Pour some boiling water into a medium sized bowl. For extra freshness, add some mint leaves or lemon zest, or, if you have them, some zingy essential oils (eucalyptus, lime, tea tree oil etc.). Cover you head and the bowl with a large towel and hold a clean, preferably freshly exfoliated face above the steam for at least five minutes, or until the steam stops rising.

  • Have a large bowl of ice water or crushed ice ready beside your seat. As you emerge from under the steamy towel, plunge your face and neck into the cold water and gently rub ice all over your heated skin.

That's it. Your skin will feel tight and smooth, the pores will be nicely closed and any puffiness around the eyes should subside.

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