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Actor, director, writer, producer and brat pack member Emilio Estevez was born on the 12th of May 1962 in New York to the infamous Sheen clan. The oldest of the family, he prefers its real name, Estevez, and so never adopted father Martin's professional name. Speaking of the Sheen clan, here are the famous members:

Father, Martin Sheen (in blatant defiance of the laws of nature, Martin Sheen's hair somehow gets thicker instead of thinner as the years go by)
Brother, Charlie Sheen (MAA-SHEEEEN!)
Renée Estevez (I hear she's in The West Wing...)

And the not so famous ones: Janet Sheen (Mummy Sheen), and Ramon Estevez (You'll find pics of this one on the web, his face is a bizarre mix of Charlie on top and Emilio on the bottom. And yes, that was him you saw playing 'Teenage Boy with Camera' in The Dead Zone.) They've all at some point acted with at least one other family member however, to date, the Holy Grail of the movies has yet to occur - a movie with the whole Estevez/Sheen family.

At the tender age of 11 Emilio would make short films with Charlie, and little buddies Sean and Chris Penn, and Chad and Rob Lowe, but his first real taste of acting was in 1976, aged 14, when he went to the Phillipines to watch Dad shoot Apocalypse Now, and got a part as a messenger boy. Sadly, his scene was cut. His first feature film was Tex with Matt Dillon. Since then the quality of the movies he's been in has been, shall we say, mixed. I've listed some of what I think are his better ones here, so this is not a full filmography and if I've left anything out its either because I haven't seen it, or I meant to leave it out:

Mission Impossible (1996)
Judgement Night (1993)
Another Stakeout (1993)
Loaded Weapon 1 (1993)
Young Guns 2 (1990)
Young Guns (1988)
Stakeout (1987)
Wisdom (1986) (also directed and wrote it)
St Elmo's Fire (1985)
The Breakfast Club (1985)
Repo Man (1984)
The Outsiders (1983)

Do message me if there's anything you think should be added, but I will acknowledge you publicly for it, so bear that in mind if it's one of the Mighty Ducks movies you want added.

He was engaged to Demi Moore for a while, had two children (Taylor and Paloma) during his relationship with Carey Salley, was married to Paula Abdul for 2 years, and has been dating Julie Briggs for the past 2 years.

Unless his career takes a dramatic change for the better (hey, you never know) it's likely that he'll be remembered as a shooting star, rather than any other kind. He started out well with starring roles in your standard classics like 'The Outsiders' and 'St Elmo's Fire', was one of the twelve "promising new actors of 1985", and in 1986 at the tender young age of 24, (well, I think its tender) he became the youngest film artist ever to have the credit of actor/director/writer on a film (Wisdom). However, the fact that his last part in a really successful movie was in 1996 (a cameo in Mission Impossible) does not bode well.

When I was 9 years old, I saw Young Guns and fell hopelessly in love with Emilio. My dilemma was this: I knew that if he met me, he'd want to marry me, but what would a big Hollywood star come to a little village in Dublin for? And even if he did, he might think me too young to marry! Oh, woe was me... So, sitting in school one wistful February day, I wrote this poem. I couldn't understand why everyone thought it was so funny.

Emilio Estevez, with your eyes so blue
I want you to know that I love you
You turn me on with your sexy smile
And for you I would run a mile
I hope your star continues to shine
P.S. Will you be my Valentine?

I love you, Emilio

x x x

I'm not quite sure why he would have wanted me to run a mile for him, and anyway my mum probably wouldn't have let me go that far on my own but I guess that's not really important right now... I later folded up the poem and threw it into the sea - convinced that The Winds and Destiny would carry it across the ocean to him. That's why I didn't put my address on it, or put it in a bottle.

He still hasn't replied yet. Bastard.

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