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Actor Emily Watson was born in 1967 in London England; her father was an architect, her mother a teacher. She has one older sister, and married actor Jack Waters in 1995.

Originally Watson went to Bristol University as an English major, but after three years decided she wanted to study drama. However, she failed in her first few attempts to gain admittance, leaving her to work - as so many struggling actors do - as a waiter and secretary. Eventually, her persistence paid off, and she got into the London Drama Studio, landing her first professional job with the Royal Shakespeare Commpany. When Lars von Trier was looking for an actor to star in his 1996 movie "Breaking the Waves", he wanted Helena Bonham Carter, who turned the role down, allegedly because of all the nudity. Watson got the part, and subsequently an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of the simple yet passionate "Bess McNeill". Since then she has appeared in Hilary and Jackie (for which a number of fan sites erroneously claim she received a second nomination), The Boxer, Angela's Ashes, and more. It is hard to node this young actor for the ages as she clearly has a long and promising career ahead of her.

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