Employees don't cheat customers...

....simply because they don't care. Employees get paid the same (usually) no matter how they do in customer service or how hard they work; this is especially true in a large corperate chain grocery store.

I'm tired of people thinking that we employees are trying to cheat them out of their money.. quite franky, it pisses me off royally. Here's an example:

I work in a meat room, and ocassionally we put hamburger on special (which is a serious bitch in the summer :P). The hamburger we put on is usually lean. Now, after spending hours and hours in a cooler with a sub-zero temperature, traying up the little burger snakes that come out of the grinder, you don't want to be bitched at. Well, one day, about 30 mins before we closed, I was taking all the product off of the display case so I could wash it (the case, not the meat), and a lady comes up to me, and asks me where the hamburger that's on special was (I had seen her pawing through it earlier, but didn't say anything). I then directed her to the spot on the case, and even walked her to it (like a good little SuperStore worker), and stood there while she inspected every package. She then picked one up, looked at me, and said in a you're-putting-me-on type tone, "You mean to tell me this is lean?"

"Yes, it is," I responded.

"Well, it doesn't look too lean to me. Forget it, I'll get it at Sobeys," she replied. She then turned, and headed for the bakery (to bother some other poor employees, no doubt).

Ok, now here's by beef (forgive the pun :P):

Number 1: It's easier for me to make lean hamburger than it is to make medium. Lean is just chipped beef (throw stuff from a bin into the grinder), or it's in tubes, which just require me to cut them, and throw them in. Simple as that. Medium, or anything of lower quality requires me to throw in some trim (fat), to make it less lean. Sure, this may make it go father, but it's more work for me.. and like I've said before.. I get paid the same no matter how hard I work. Do you really think I'm gonna spend all that time and energy just to cheat you out of a dollar or two?

Number 2: I DON'T GIVE A FSCK IF YOU SHOP HERE, AT SOBEYS, OR ON THE 5TH MOON OF JUPITER! Really.. I don't. I get paid the same no matter what. You know, if you really want to shop somewhere else, go ahead! Would you like me to pull your car around for you too?

Whew, that felt good! Carry on..

My favorite part of these screaming binges is that the customer truly believes that I there is some personal benefit I get from ripping her off. Look, sir/ma'am, I'm an employee. I treat customers the way I want to be treated. Why would i want to rip you off? Do you think I honestly care that much about my employer's financial standing? And even assuming that I did, would you be pleased to hear that my employer encourages me to cheat you somehow?

Look, just because my employer might silently approve of me cheating people doesn't mean that I have any real incentive so to do. Give me a break. What if I got caught cheating customers? There are people whose sole purpose is to plaster the names of dishonest companies all over 48 hours. Do you honestly believe I feel some benefit is to be had by pissing you off?

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