Empty Pages
Lyrics and music: ?Ron McKernan (Pig Pen)
copywright Ice Nine Publishing, reprinted with permission.
This was played by the dead a couple of times in August 1971. It sounds as if it is probably a Pigpen original--similar to the songs on his solo tape.

Empty pages before my eyes
Do not deny or criticize
Empty bedrooms where I paid my dues
Watching the ceiling instead of you
Can you tell me where you've gone?
Ain't no one around to hear my song
I've got some songs I'd like to sing
Always brings down some other thing
Where can I go, my (hands?) are broken
It seems like your love is just a token
So won't you stay with me?

Up in the morning and out the door
No one won't come in I gotta live alone
Back in the evening with the (???)
I got a mind (to push out)

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