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A couple months ago, I attended an alcohol counseling program because I got caught for underage possession of alcohol. It was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I learned a lot of new things about drugs and alcohol there.

American college culture, or perhaps even the culture of youth worldwide, is one that places "macho" value on one's ability to consume a lot of alcohol or drugs. These so-called enabling behaviors are a list of stimuli that would consciously or subconsciously encourage increased drug consumption.

  1. Do you laugh at someone's drug-induced behavior at the time or later during those "morning after" discussions?
  2. Do you drink or get high with the person you are concerned about?
  3. Do you attend drinking functions or gatherings where people are doing drugs with the person you are concerned about?
  4. Do you help your friend make excuses for getting drunk or high?
  5. Do you "let it slide" when a friend does something hurtful or embarrassing to you, him/herself, or others when under the influence?
  6. Do you congratulate people on how much alcohol/other drugs they can consume? Or how fast they can chug? Or how many substances they can combine?
  7. Did you ever "cover for" someone who was drunk, high or hung over?
  8. Do you find yourself defending a friend if others remark about his/her use and behavior?
  9. Do you act as though blackouts are no big deal?
  10. Do you congratulate friends who are able to maintain their composure or function normally under the influence?
  11. Do you not share your concerns about someone's drinking or other drug use because you are embarrassed or afriad to make them angry?
If you answered yes to a significant number of these questions, congratulations! You are helping your friends kill themselves.

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