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English As She Is Spoke
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Racine to M. Vitart.

My uncle what will to treat her beshop in a great sumptuousness, he was go Avignon for to buy what one not should find there, and he had leave me the charge to provide all things. I have excellent business, as you see, and I know some thing more than to eat my soup, since I do know how to prepare it. I did learn that it must give to the first, to second, and to the third service, by dishes that want to join, and yet some thing more; beause we does pretend make a feast at four services without to account the dessert.

Good bye, my dear sir, etc.

Mothe to the duchess of the Maine.

My lady, I have a complaint to present you. So much happy that might be one's self, one have not all theirs eases in this world. Your letters are shortest. You have plaied wonderfully all sentiments; less her prattle, etc.

Montesquieu to the abbot Nicolini.

Allow me, my dear abbot, who I remind me of your friendship. I recommend you M. of the Condamine. I shall tell you nothing, else he is a of my friends. Her great celebrity may tell you from others things, and her presence will say you the remains. My dear abbot, I will love you even the death.


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