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A common ancient Celtic tradition for newly-crowned kings, especially in the British Isles, involved the king being ritually married to the goddess who oversaw the region. Epona would place some kings, most often in Ireland, in the awkward position of having to "wed" a horse. Epona - her name in Gaul; she was known as Rhiannon, Macha and Etain in Wales, Ireland and England respectively - was goddess and protectress of horses.

As was typical of almost all of the Celtic goddesses, Epona had many maternal and fertility functions. Representations of her - most have been found in what is now France - show her sitting side-saddle on a horse, often with symbols of fertility such as young animals or (less often) a cornucopia. Her most important function was that of horse goddess, however. Horses were extremely valuable in ancient Celtic society, as signs of wealth, beasts of burden and war, and as a method of transportation. During the Gallic War, for instance, the Gauls occaisionally sent their cavalry from the field during sieges rather than send them into the fight to avoid losing their mounts.

In time, the Romans came to know and respect the worship of Epona. She eventually became the patron goddess of the cavalry of the Roman Empire, partly due to her beneficient, protective nature: Epona's worship imposed no restrictions on behaviour and promised protection to both rider and horse.


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Epona is also the horse in the two Zelda games for Nintendo 64, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

To summon her in Ocarina of Time, you need to play Epona's Song on Link's ocarina. Once she arrives, her usefulness is limited to getting to places around Hyrule Castle quickly, practicing marksmanship, and shooting the ghosts that roam the area around the castle with Link's bow and arrow. Then you can capture the ghosts and sell them.

In Majora's Mask, you must go to Romani Ranch and the little girl will want you to pop the 10 balloons from Epona's back. The little girl will then teach you Epona's song, and you're ready to explore.

Majora's Mask information from Gamesmania: Majora's Mask Strategy Guide: http://www.gamesmania.com/html/zelda/show.asp?file=eponaback.

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