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Awesome website created by Eric (surprise) who takes pictures of himself conveying an emotion suggested by submissions to his website. With a little acting ability, a camera, and photoshop, the guy manages to create a hilarious site.

My favorite emotions include: Soylent Green is People?, and Eric dreaming of Ricky Martin.


Oh yes, www.emotioneric.com. Another lovely time wasting device you can find on your very own local internet.

Eric, who you get to know through his updates and his pictures, takes suggestions for "emotions" that you want to see him convey. Since many genuine emotions have already been conveyed, Eric has turned to doing just about anything at all.

Much like the hit internet site Exploding Dog, the results of these requests are often surprising and mostly always goofy. For example, when Eric received the emotion "Stoned" he showed a picture of his friends dropping huge rocks on him.

The one huge flaw of ECAE is the same that preys far too many websites: NOT ENOUGH UPDATES! New pictures are few and far between, and the requests pending sidebar hasn't budged in months.

But you STILL MUST check it out. It may be vital to your survival.

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