1887-1961 Physicist

He was born in Vienna. He originated the study of the wave behaviour of matter within quantum mechanics with his celebrated wave equation. In 1926, This is as important to science at the subatomic level as Newton's laws of motion are to mechanics in the normal-size world.

A versatile scientist, he also made significant contributions to molecular biology, and philosophy. He shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933. His books include What is Life? 1946 and Science and Man 1958

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http://www.nobel.se/physics/laureates/1933/schrodinger-bio.html Last Updated 04.10.04

Schrödinger's famous wave equation was based on work done by Louis de Broglie. He shared his Nobel Prize with Paul Dirac. The classic Schrodinger's Cat paradox originated in his 1935 paper, The Present Situation in Quantum Mechanics. Schrödinger also worked on unified field theory, general relativity and meson (particle) physics.

Random: Theres a crater (Crater Schrödinger) on the moon named after him

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