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A great shareware game for Mac made by Ambrosia Software. It's larger and more in-depth than the original Escape Velocity, with more missions and plots.

In this incredibly mindblowingly fun game the quickest way to success is to buy a Miranu Heavy Fighter, and do the Valos-Aludra cargo run where you buy medical goods at Paaren, sell them at New Calcutta, and take luxury goods back to Paaren from New Tokyo. Do this for a while until you have 15 million bucks or so and then buy a Crescent Warship. Beleive me - these are the best ships in the game and can easily kick the butt of Voinian cruisers and Igazras. With all of the speed upgrades you can outrun Voinian fighters in one, making you practically invincible against the Voinians. The Azdgari and Voinian worlds are incredibly easy to capture, and I even control the Azdgari system itself (not to mention that I make about 60000 credits a day).

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