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Track from Massive Attack's second album, "Protection". It features Tricky on vocals and is probably one of their coolest songs. Unfortunately, after Tricky's acrimonious split from the collective, the song has been re-recorded at least twice by both parties. Tricky uses most of the lyrics in his song "Hell Is Around The Corner". Massive Attack re-recorded the tune and called it "Euro Zero Zero" (B-Side to "Angel" single). The re-recordings aren't all that bad but you can only listen to the same song so many times, even if it supposedly is done differently.

Update (2003/01/06): Just noticed Imperical Tacohead's disagreement on the similarities of the re-recordings. It's no secret that the split between Tricky and Massive Attack wasn't pleasant. In interviews with Tricky, he had expressed his anger over not receiving enough credit for several of the songs from Blue Lines and Protection - in particular, he claims to have written songs such as Eurochild himself and didn't like the fact that he had to share co-writing credit with the other members.

Hence, you've got a pretty good motive there to go and re-record the songs - Eurochild becomes Hell Is Around the Corner and Karmacoma is Overcome. Massive Attack goes and re-records them again (Euro Zero Zero and Fake the Aroma). As far as I can tell, they had their period of trying to outdo each other but now they've calmed themselves down. It's my opinion that they're the same songs, in the sense that a remix of a song, no matter how differently it is done, is still the same song.

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