Now defunct European football competition held by UEFA, between the teams in Europe who had won each nation's cup competition the preceding season. The last competition was held in 1999, after which the competition was amalgamated with the UEFA Cup. The last of the three major European football tournaments to be introduced by UEFA, the Cup Winners' Cup was always considered the weakest and easiest to win of the three, and is notable for providing fleeting success to many small, provincal teams.

After the introduction of the Champions League format in the 1990s, the competition became marginalised (see how it was the only tournament English clubs were able to win after their return from European exile in the early 90s) and the last final was won by Lazio held at Villa Park, Birmingham in 1999.

The winners of the competition follow:

1961 Fiorentina
1962 Athletico Madrid
1963 Tottenham Hotspur
1964 Sporting Lisbon
1965 West Ham United
1966 Borussia Dortmund
1967 Bayern Munich
1968 AC Milan
1969 Slovan Bratislava
1970 Manchester City
1971 Chelsea
1972 Rangers
1973 AC Milan
1974 Magdeburg
1975 Dynamo Kiev
1976 Anderlecht
1977 SV Hamburg
1978 Anderlecht
1979 Barcelona
1980 Valencia
1981 Dinamo Tbilisi
1982 Barcelona
1983 Aberdeen
1984 Juventus
1985 Everton
1986 Dynamo Kiev
1987 Ajax Amsterdam
1988 Mechelen
1989 Barcelona
1990 Sampdoria
1991 Manchester United
1992 Werder Bremen
1993 Parma
1994 Arsenal
1995 Real Zaragoza
1996 Paris Saint-Germain
1997 Barcelona
1998 Chelsea
1999 Lazio

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