Just a note on the "exact verbage ADV Films used". ADV wrote these notes themselves (why they didn't translate the original GAINAX ones are beyond me). As such these notes are not considered canon Eva material, they weren't produced directly by GAINAX and weren't "authorised" as correct by GAINAX. I tend to group them in with a lot of other general Eva material like the Evangelion card game.

The reason this is an important point to make, is that although they are accurate in some places and can be used as a good source of information, in others they are very wrong. AD Vision doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to Eva liner notes, their VHS video covers being particular notorious (spreading lies about the False First Impact, the Children being all conceived on the day of the Second Impact and other such things to newbie fans all over the world.). I am not knocking ADV in general. They do good jobs when it comes to subbing/dubbing and distributing anime, and Neon Genesis Evangelion has a very good dub compared to many other series. However when it comes to extra information they release with their series (especially with Eva because of its nature to have a lot of "mysteries") then they fall down.

This is just a general warning to anyone reading the liner notes for the ADV DVDs or randir's writeups of them (which are all very good, I am glad someone else is nodding Eva stuff, I am not disrespecting the noder, just the source), to be wary and double check any information you gather from them. In my opinion The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program, in particular The End of Evangelion : Glossary is a much better source for Eva information as it was approved as accurate by GAINAX.

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