EverQuesters Anonymous (EQA).

A support society for recovering everquest (EverCrack) addicts.

Symptoms of Everquest Addiction include:
  • You start saying things like "ding" and "lol" to people.
  • You promise your significant other you will have sex as soon as you "ding".
  • You start playing in exclusion to all other activities (frequently including eating, sex, bathing, and sleep.)
  • You play more hours of EverQuest than any other single activity in your life (Like Sleep or Work.)
  • You find yourself reading more than 6 message boards related to EverQuest on a daily basis.
  • You start ignoring your Significant Other to the point they consider leaving you (or they actually do leave you, and your instructions for your attorney are 'she/he can have everything... but the computer and my character.')
  • You write one or more nodes about EverCrack addiction.

  • If you find yourself displaying any of the above characteristics immediately seek help at the nearest EQA clinic. Sometimes quitting everquest is the only answer . Cold Turkey isn't easy.

    Hi, my name is Shadus, and i'm an EQ Junkie...

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