dear handsome like a firecracker, what is the nice surprise? (i will be yr diesel sweetie). oh. oh.

look: i can do handstands, but all my change falls out my pockets.

laughs like laughs like laughs like laughs. did i ever say, let's wake up laughing, to anyone but you. i think i did say it but it has never happened. how did you calm me into this? thanks for the logic of skin that pays attention. that listens, then answers.

it's funny: this little bed. ludicrously large, now, all this quiet week. can't sleep, too much room. it's lonely, but dont i have good visions.

how simple am i ? it was an actual surprise to me, a quick disappointment, when my hands got cold this week. and i could not say You warm these up, that is Today's Schedule, and you would have, and not let go of them. smiling at me sad. you're not in arms' reach. this does not compute. explain.

once when i was like this i thought i was building a boat.

it took a long time.

here! : it's better every day these days, everything keeps beginning and i am always suddenly safe, again; i thought my hands were cold but i was overreacting, i can warm myself for a while; keep giving me your voice, keep making it be true, hello, firecracker, hello,

i like to relax
and it's possible. i like it here.

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