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Everything's Eventual is the title for a collection of short stories by Stephen King. The collection consists of 14 short stories, each with a dark theme. Some of these stories are explicitly based on stories written by other authors, but with a Stephen King twist. Others are original work. All are entertaining in their own right.

Here is a listing of the 14 titles in the collection:

Also included is an introduction outlining King's view of the short story and the necessity of such writing.

Here is an explanation of King's method for ordering the stories.

What I did was take all the spades out of a deck of cards plus a joker. Ace to King = 1-13. Joker = 14. I shuffled the cards and dealt them. The order in which they came out of the deck became the order of the stories, based on their position in the list my publisher sent me. And it actually created a very nice balance between the literary stories and the all-out screamers. I also added an explanatory note before or after each story, depending on which seemed the more fitting position. Next collection: selected by Tarot.

Much thanks to Stephen King for continuing to entertain and educate readers.

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