Everything Quest – Film Reviews

The quest is now closed. Thank you, everyone, for your enthusiasm -- it generated a lot of good content

The Brief:


I love movies, but I’m often lost about what I should see when I’m faced with row on row of tapes at the video store. Your review should be able to help me decide whether or not the film you are reviewing would be to my taste, or whether it will leave me colder than an iceberg in winter. I want details, people, details!

I’m especially seeking reviews of movies that don’t get much coverage – older films, obscure ones, or those in languages other than English.

Your writeup should contain:

  • Title: (of course)
  • General info: When was it made, who’s in it, director and so on
  • Plot synopsis: An overview of the story, avoiding major spoilers
  • Why you like it – or not: What makes this film especially good, or bad? What did you feel when you watched it, what were the high and low points? Is it a three-hour movie that felt too short or ninety minutes that dragged towards eternity?
  • Genre
  • Any other relevant information: Did it introduce a new star? Is there a soundtrack album? Sequels?

Writeups must be created between the time stamp on this node and 23:59 on 28 February 2002, E2 Server Time – that’s 10 days.

When you’ve finished your writeup, /msg me and softlink to this node – I’ll hardlink it below. Every good, comprehensive writeup will receive a 10XP blessing and the usual likelihood of upvotes and chings.


Reviews of films that are already adequately covered – check the database to see what’s already there, before you spend hours writing your contribution. Feel free to supersede a two or three line wu, but don’t give me another review of Blade Runner or The Lord of the Rings.

Plagiarism – if you cut and paste from a review site (or anywhere else, for that matter), I’ll curse, rather than blessing you – a hit of -10XP. The only exception to this is using IMDB for cast lists – that’s okay, as long as you add substantial content of your own.


  1. The Princess Bride by Footprints. How did this movie not already have a review, HOW?
  2. Modulations by mkb. An E1 one-liner, replaced with a full review for the quest, hence the datestamp quirk.
  3. The Discovery of Heaven by sloebertje.
  4. A Thousand Clowns by drownzsurf.
  5. Terminator 2 by mblase. Another one that I'd have expected to already be properly reviewed. Gosh.
  6. Raging Bull by Starke.
  7. mblase says added Alien 3.
  8. blondino says Chicken Rice War.
  9. MrSmith says Quest bait: the eminently crap movie Knock-Off.
  10. m4c837h says I just submitted a w/u on The Count of Monte Cristo, as per your reQuest.
  11. Roninspoon says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: I have noded Amerika for this quest.
  12. mr100percent says i wrote The Edge.
  13. campion says Hi. Please find enclosed my review of Fear in the Night. Thank you for your attention. (ps - please bring spring soon...it's cold!)
  14. ism says for your viewing pleasure: Bound.
  15. factgirl says re: E2 Quest Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe.
  16. m4c837h says Didn't realize until i was most of the way thru that it was a movie review. The Song Remains The Same.
  17. RainDropUp says Demeter - I offer you Swept from the Sea for your Movie Review Quest - it's one of my favorite films. Enjoy - and good luck with the quest! =)
  18. Senso says I just Noded $la$her$.
  19. Snicker Furfoot says Everything Quest: Rollerball (2002)
  20. Kidas says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Oh god! gained 1XP and still can't write a decent review. Next one will be far better. Bridget Jones's Diary is done.
  21. zophos says re: new quest, I have just finished Splendor in the Grass.
  22. WWWWolf says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: In The Name Of The Father
  23. Vice_hkpnx says Here's my entry for your quest. It's in the "obsure and old" category: Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS.
  24. WWWWolf says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: ...and another: Pokemon 3: The Movie.
  25. factgirl says re: quest - Burden of Dreams.
  26. mr100percent says whew, i labored for an hour on The Fifth Element, one more for the quest. Ever see that flick? Sheer awesome.
  27. graceness says Madame X awaits your approval, ma'am.
  28. Helmut says Check out Big Top Pee-wee as my submission to the movie review quest.
  29. Cornflakes says this is for the quest =) Alaska.de.
  30. MrSmith says Yep, it's another review. Home Fries, not quite a romantic comedy, not quite a dark comedy, but quite a good film actually.
  31. WWWWolf says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: ...and yet another: Three Kings.
  32. mblase says added Independence Day for your quest.
  33. BaldGhoti says Hey, I wrote up Spaceballs for the Film Review quest.
  34. cecil36 says Include my writeup for Cats & Dogs as part of your film review quest.
  35. Starke says The Killing: more questing.
  36. BrooksMarlin says Re: The Quest. I just did Legally Blonde.
  37. Walter says For the quest, I noded Crossroads. First of many to come. =)
  38. SharQ says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: I offer you Life is Beautiful and thank you for this gorgeous quest!
  39. Joyquality says Here's one for the quest: City Lights. Simplistic, I know. I wish I could actually talk about it.
  40. Senso says two more film writeups for the quest: Carne and Heaven.
  41. Starke says Rush Hour 2...more questing.
  42. Palpz says Shocked and Dismayed that no one had covered The Godfather Good movie. Good Quest.
  43. Very bad Things by psydereal -- expanded to a full review in quest period.
  44. DyRE says for your film quest, I submit Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I can hardly believe there wasn't already a good node for it.
  45. VAG says Hi in response to your quest, I have nodded Kikujiro no Natsu and updated my node for Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
  46. jodrell says I noded Rules of Engagement for your quest.
  47. Walter says #2 for the quest: Bittersweet Motel.
  48. O-Swirl says For the quest I noded When Harry Met Sally.
  49. Xamot says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: I submit Tremors by me.
  50. RalphyK says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: I am the god of hell fire, and I bring you – What Lies Beneath and The Hitcher...
  51. tallman says re: Film Reviews Quest - I just posted Dark Star, John Carpenter's low budget first film
  52. m_turner says The Flight of Dragons (alas, The Last Unicorn was already done long ago)
  53. NatchLucid says my stubmission for your Quest is The Saint.
  54. Indra363 says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: My submission is Harold and Maude
  55. BrooksMarlin says I did Ronin for the quest.
  56. Catchpole says for your quest, Nowhere to Hide.
  57. BaldGhoti says I just wrote up Beyond The Mat.
  58. gloinson says Hi Demeter. I just wanted to let you know I've written a writeup on Captain Blood to be included as part of Everything Quests: Film Reviews.
  59. jonesmd says re film quest: see Gumball Rally.
  60. BaldGhoti says Kingpin's been written up.
  61. Thunderfoot says From the obscure bin: Two Thousand Maniacs! (Quest).
  62. Ereneta says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: It's a Gift.
  63. factgirl says I have quested Fitzcarraldo for you
  64. Starke says Ed Wood.
  65. atesh says First in my long list of films to node comes Support Your Local Sheriff.
  66. Mr. Frog says Re: Everything Quests: Film Reviews, I've noded Love & Sex.
  67. iambic says I humbly submit Grosse Pointe Blank for my first ever quest entry.
  68. Starke says Gods and Monsters.
  69. WolfDaddy says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: I give you The Broken Hearts Club for your quest :)
  70. jonesmd says an offbeat classic: They Live.
  71. Dystopian Autocrat says Submitted a review of Strange Days, my favorite movie, for your quest.
  72. Senso says three more movies: Angst - Deadbeat At Dawn - Dame Algo.
  73. sid says Okay, thanks. Offering Re-Animator as my first submission.
  74. C-Dawg says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Return to Me joins the party
  75. mkb says groove even. i need to review a movie i enjoyed next :)
  76. graceness says the pledge posted, m'lady
  77. Dreamvirus says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Monsoon Wedding!
  78. NothingLasts4ever says hi I did a review of the Fellini flick La Voce della Luna
  79. Walter says #3 for the quest: I give you Head (tee hee).
  80. anthropod says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Alrighty! I'd like to offer crumb.
  81. Lord NAgasaki says Here's A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge for ya. Enjoy.
  82. Snicker Furfoot says Everything Quest - Witchblade, the Movie
  83. Imprecation says I humbly join the Quest with Now, Voyager.
  84. O-Swirl says Hello there, I put in a WU for The Witches of Eastwick. Lovely film, that.
  85. BrooksMarlin says way of the gun is now done for the quest
  86. vilk says Animals Are Beautiful People is simply the most charming film EVER.
  87. iambic says A second submission for the quest, Newsies.
  88. SharQ says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: A tad short, but hey - Fargo needed a rescue
  89. humbabba says Hi, for your film quest consideration, my w-u under fast, cheap and out of control. It was published on CitySearch when it came out, but since I wrote it and it's no longer archived there, I figured it might be fair game.
  90. etoile says Baby Geniuses for the Quest.
  91. JerboaKolinowski says JFK - bit of trouble with the plot synopsis, perhaps, but you might consider it :)
  92. Orange Julius says My writeup in Snow Day is my contribution to the quest.
  93. riverrun says So here you go: Andrei Rublyov, one of the Great Ones.
  94. nephil says I just noded The Lusty Men for your movie review quest.
  95. Catchpole says one more for your quest Escape to Victory
  96. TheLady says The Hudsucker Proxy is my entry to the quest, please, ma'm. :)
  97. Albert Herring says I humbly submit A Sunday in Hell as a minor contribution to your quest.
  98. Kiki says Colossus: The Forbin Project for your quest.
  99. Walter says #4 for the Quest: GoodFellas.
  100. Starke says Mindwalk: more questing...
  101. BrooksMarlin says I just did So I Married an Axe Murderer, ya smartass!
  102. Indra363 says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: I've also now noded Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for your fantastic quest.
  103. spla says hi, 5000 fingers of dr. t is new
  104. sid says Number two: Brides of Dracula.
  105. Lord NAgasaki says Home Alone 2: Lost in New York - try not to watch this movie.
  106. graceness says i cannot believe that someone didn't get to Say Anything before me, so here it is now.
  107. Walter says #5 for the quest: Batman.
  108. NothingLasts4ever says my second offering to you Grateful Dead Movie
  109. Kidas says Babette's Feast is another one for your quest. You really are going to have your work cut out for the next two weeks. Great idea, and thank you!
  110. RubenAzarja says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Here's an obscure movie for you: Costa!
  111. Walter says #6 for the quest: Stop Making Sense.
  112. etouffee says re: the quest. Spoorloos...:)
  113. Ceallach says Just finished reviewing Arsenic and Old Lace and am looking suspiciously at that mug on my desk
  114. Simpleton says Re: the quest, I've noded Catch-22.
  115. QXZ says For the quest: point of order.
  116. O-Swirl says Bonjour, submitted for your approval: Red
  117. Imprecation says I give you Henry V as a second contribution.
  118. Quizro says I offer you No Retreat, No Surrender, arguably the best nine bucks I ever spent on a videotape.
  119. SharQ says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: And (as if you weren't sick of them yet) - I offer to you Snatch, Guy Ritchies latest film.
  120. Indra363 says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: and for today Reality Bites
  121. Ouroboros says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: for your viewing pleasure, The Double Life of Veronique
  122. riverrun says And another Tarkovsky, Mirror, his most vexing, but possibly most rewarding, film
  123. qousqous says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: the worst movie I have ever seen: You Are Here*
  124. BabylonMink says for the Quest, I have brought you Swordfish , Travolta's cyber-whatever-it-is
  125. Starke says Midnight Cowboy...even more questing
  126. DrSeudo says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Prepare for the experience that is Pennies from Heaven. You have been warned.
  127. Pseudo_Intellectual says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Babe: Pig in the City. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing that 8)
  128. zophos says Submission 2 & 3 respectively: Strictly Ballroom and Dog Park
  129. n6 says submitted for your approval: Following, Christopher Nolan's first
  130. dTaylorSingletary says Here's a review for Forbidden Zone to zot the masses
  131. Posmella says I know it's mainstream, but if The Shawshank Redemption suits your tastes, I have a node about it ;)
  132. sid says Number three: Murders in the Zoo.
  133. RalphyK says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: there's a train in it, and two strangers - yes, it's Strangers On A Train
  134. RubenAzarja says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Did you know dogs can play cards very well?
  135. PaulM says here's Bad Day at Black Rock for your delight and delectation
  136. Walter says #7 for the quest: Batman Returns. Wahoo! I'm in the lead. =)
  137. thyme says here's my contribution: Dancer in the Dark
  138. RalphyK says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: more, more, Moore: Live And Let Die
  139. BrooksMarlin says I just did Cube. I will never escape from this quest!
  140. Imprecation says My third installment-- a fuller review of Miller's Crossing.
  141. mat catastrophe says Reds is now available for inclusion in the Quest. Hope you enjoy this one.
  142. Thunderfoot says Another one. Slacker by Richard Linklater.
  143. Bitca says submitted for your approval: Gosford Park baybee
  144. Mithrandur says film review: a little dissappointing - Abre los Ojos
  145. Ceallach says For your perusal, Scaramouche
  146. icicle says i got your Wayne's World right here
  147. madvid says Hi. I've submitted the Norwegian gem Elling to your quest for reviews. :)
  148. gitm says I humbly submit Elizabeth for your quest.
  149. gitm says I, being of sound mind and body, submit Impostor for your perusal.
  150. jonmos says I noded the obscure film the water babies, which may or may not qualify to compete in your quest. I heavily analyzed it, but also included spoilers. Up to you
  151. BrooksMarlin says For the quest I have done Last Action Hero. It's not that bad. Really.
  152. Patrick Bateman says Please check out my movie review Monster Zero :)
  153. sid says Number four: White Zombie.
  154. Palpz says I've got a film review for you! Trainspotting
  155. DyRE says for your ever-growing film quest list-o-doom, I submit Stargate. enjoy.
  156. madvid says One more for your Quest, ma'am: Meet the Feebles.
  157. NatchLucid says Second stubmission for your Quest: The Caveman's Valentine.
  158. Walter says #8 for the quest: True Stories. Okay, NOW i'm in the lead. Dang that crafty Starke!
  159. bobbb21 says "New Dragon Gate Inn" has been noded. Enjoy!
  160. Gamaliel says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: All The President's Men
  161. Starke says Highlander has been quested.
  162. Patrick Bateman says Movie review of Gamera (1965) - the unoriginal Godzilla
  163. C-Dawg says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: For your non- heinous quest: Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
  164. sid says Number five: Dracula's Daughter.
  165. Apatrix says For your viewing pleasure: Madadayo.
  166. Derfel says Posted a somewhat brief review of Snake Eyes. Hopefully it's equal to the task of your quest.
  167. m4c837h says Movie Review Quest: The Game
  168. atesh says I present Kolya to you.
  169. Akilae says I just noded a review for The Mothman Prophecies for your quest, should you accept it
  170. eponymous says bats, if you like it. The review, not the movie.
  171. aneurin says Hedd Wyn has been noded as part of the Everything Film Quest
  172. emko says I hereby submit my writeup Bloodsucking Freaks.
  173. Suckapant says if you are in the mood for a wild subtitled ride, I suggest holy weapon
  174. WWWWolf says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: ...and here comes another one: Häjyt
  175. trainman says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: What, no writeup about one of my favorite films, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three? I'll just have to fix that.
  176. gitm says Please accept another sacrifice for your quest. Searching for Bobby Fischer shall be its name.
  177. bariau says I humbly submit The Wizard of Oz for the quest :)
  178. jonesmd says I have added Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  179. sid says Number six: Black Sabbath.
  180. Apatrix says Quest: The Beekeeper
  181. quijote says I just submitted a writeup on lagaan, the hindi movie. thanks for the quest
  182. Mod says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: another Quest rolls on in, my submission - Rounders
  183. TheLady says yo dudess, check out The Player as per Quest.
  184. sloebertje says I submit Dead Man for the Quest!
  185. fugitive says One more for the Everything Quests: Film Reviews. Feel free to actually try and see A Chinese Ghost Story - Sinnui Yauman
  186. BrooksMarlin says I did Gold Diggers of 1935 for the quest. An old time classic!
  187. ALterN8 says ocean's eleven has been reviewed, by altern8 thanks for the quest
  188. dreamwalker says heres the great race for ya
  189. gitm says While difficult to grasp that it had not been done, I present to you the Life of Brian.
  190. Imprecation says Believe it or not, I did Cannonball Run. Forgive me, forgive me!
  191. Catchpole says for your quest....again....Rumble Fish
  192. GoodKingNerdnor says Hey man, gotsa review of Enemy at the Gates up to add to your quest
  193. Chihuahua Grub says The Delicate Art of the Rifle, submitted for your approval. Extra points to whomever can identify the noder whose name is in the credits.
  194. quijote says i just noded Mother India for the quest, thanks for the opportunity
  195. C-Dawg says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Strike 3 for me -- Hardball
  196. graceness says if the quest is still on, Communion awaits your approval.
  197. gounthar says Hi, I wrote Excalibur. One Land, One Quest, One Node.
  198. Teiresias says Tomorrow Never Dies is up for Quest inclusion (did I message you about The World Is Not Enough as well)
  199. Walter says #9 for the quest: Spanking the Monkey. One of my all- time favorites.
  200. RalphyK says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen is full of extravagant lies...
  201. RubenAzarja says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: I still can't get enough of the quest: Me, Myself and Irene!
  202. artshek says added For the Birds
  203. O-Swirl says Hiya, I submit Nothing to Lose for thine quest.
  204. quincyfree says Exotica
  205. TheLady says and another one with Tim Robbins in it - Short Cuts.
  206. zophos says Submission #4: The Anniversary Party
  207. aneurin says Finds another Welsh film and nodes Solomon and Gaenor
  208. princess loulou says re: movie review quest. I have noded El efecto mariposa, a Spanish movie I'm fond of. Enjoy the review. Hope it persuades you to go and hire the video.
  209. beak says for your movie review quest: going overboard
  210. BrooksMarlin says For the quest I did Mary Stevens, M.D. The original independent woman!
  211. Imprecation says For my last entry to the Quest-The Usual Suspects.
  212. atesh says I drop the puck in your court: Slap Shot.
  213. mat catastrophe says Run Lola Run is available for your review. It may be lacking in some of the details you wish for, but it is a review. :)
  214. fuzzy says I submit for you Eight Men Out
  215. liontamer says I just finished John Q. for your quest. Hope you like!
  216. Bink says Added a review of the Disney Movie Dinosaur. Thanks.
  217. sloebertje says Another submission for the Quest: The City of Lost Children
  218. Gamaliel says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: would you believe: Cinderella II: Dreams Come True?
  219. Walter says #10 for the quest: Flirting With Disaster. You think I'm done? I AIN'T DONE!!!
  220. legbagede says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: true romance pour vous :)
  221. Ceallach says I've just noded The Killing Fields, if the Quest is still open?
  222. riverrun says Tarkovsky's Nostalghia is a poem dancing. Please find and watch it too.
  223. bumpinfresh says Go see The Wedding Banquet. It's good.
  224. Sondheim says For your perusal, I have noded House of Dark Shadows
  225. bexxta says I was considering doing a detailed wu for The Million Dollar Hotel, but decided the existing wu was good enough, and posted Empire Records instead. /me back just in time for your quest deadline. Yay! Awesome quest btw.
  226. RubenAzarja says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: Make that Notting Hill
  227. Walter says #11 for the quest: Back to the Future. More of an essay than a review, hope that's okay.
  228. Walter says #11 for the quest: Videodrome. Another essay. Two number 11’s Walter?
  229. sid says My seventh and final submission (for the Quest): Penn and Teller Get Killed. Thank you for the inspiration and opportunity.
  230. ocelotbob says I submit to thee Werewolf for the quest.
  231. Sapia says Dune
  232. Walter says #12 for the quest: The Conversation. Yet another essay.
  233. erevapisces says my contribution of Gothic to your quest... ta!
  234. Walter says #13 for the quest: Saving Private Ryan. Essay the last.
  235. RalphyK says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: phew, my last one - The Italian Job. again, how was this not already reviewed properly...?
  236. riverrun says And finally (at least for quest purposes) Tarkovsky's most accessible: Ivan's Childhood. It's tough to find, but worth the effort.
  237. Pseudo_Intellectual says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: I fear my review at the Saragossa Manuscript tells you more about my internal life than the movie, but it is all true.
  238. erevapisces says i've added Out of Africa as well, madame...
  239. gonzo says I noded Once Upon a time in China. I have always been a sucker for deadlines. :)
  240. Walter says #14 for the quest: Dr. No. Thanks, this has been a lot of fun. =)
  241. ocelotbob says Another entry for the quest. Scream of the Wolf
  242. BrooksMarlin says I did Guys and Dolls. In just under the wire!
  243. WWWWolf says re Everything Quests: Film Reviews: The Watcher

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