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I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I'm curious as to what the popular opinion might be.

Several times a day, I see nodes popping up out of nowhere with cut-and-paste poems by famous or semi-famous poets, or else noders noding their own poetry in the same manner. It's similar to the way noding lyrics is done. And while I have no problem with the noding of well-known poets and poems, something within me dislikes it when poetry is noded for no other apparent reason than to create a node.

Personally, I think that poetry is one of the least-well-understood arts, which has sunk pretty well into obscurity ever since popular music with lyrics effectively replaced it. It thrills my inner liberal arts degree to see it being practiced. I myself have noded poems on one or two occasions, but only when that poem pertains to an existing node or my following writeup.

I (speaking as a mere Scribe, not an Editor or even a Pseudo-God) would encourage people who node famous poems to hardlink them to a node or metanode about that particular poet, so that a node for the ages-type relevancy is maintained. If possible, some insight or commentary should be added as well, elucidating the poem for the casual reader and silently encouraging other noders to submit similar insights.

If you are noding your own poetry, then why not create a metanode or a reference to your home node so that people can find more of your work and praise you for it when it's enjoyed? I would love to someday log in and see The Everything Anthology of Poetry, linking to authors and metanodes which in turn link to individual poems and verses.

But when people node single verses and poems, without any way to collect them in one place for easy enjoyment, I get irritated. Everything shouldn't be used as an open mike. It's a resource, a place to locate information, and when it's treated as one, it can more easily be enjoyed by all.

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