Everything is Terrible! is among the finest sources of awful, execrable video clips on the Internet. Collecting its footage from abandoned VHS tapes and other media left to rot in bargain bins, it is effectively a type of trawler that collects terrible videos. The videos in the collection themselves are so strained, bad, ridiculous, or more commonly, all of the above, that they are transmuted through mysterious processes into a sort of hilarious apex of abject failure.

The clips are not copied and posted verbatim, but also minimally edited to repeat a few times in one section, or slowed down to give the voices the tonal qualities of a lesser demon. I will attempt to give an example of such an edit in writing from one video featuring a retirement community in Florida, but the full effect of the video cannot be compressed into words. A woman is ending a sentence with the word 'dreams.' The video is about to transition to another scene, but her word is repeated and slowed. It takes on deeper tones, and then is repeated again, yet deeper. The video becomes a woman uttering 'dreams, dreams, dreams, dreams'. It is an extremely strange feeling to enjoy watching these video clips, and even to laugh at them. It makes one feel as though their subconscious has inside jokes that are being brought to the surface, jokes we aren't being let in on, but jokes to which we must laugh along as fools in a chorus. It is something beautiful and terrible, something that is uniquely belonging to the Internet. That is Everything is Terrible!, ladies and gentlemen.

Everything is Terrible!

The aforementioned example video

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