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tch. childish. occasionally endearingly childlike.
But really! bicker bicker. Somebody lashes out, icicle goes into a violent pout, gods and men fight in the chatterbox, EDB is called out. There are constant quibbles over XP: you took my XP! gimme more cools! you gave him more XP than me! how come nobody ever cools me? i hate you! get away from me! look at me! that's not fair! stop touching me! hoopy_frood expires (again!) Is this the way to run a database?

Sure, we have authorities. And they're cool authorities. (the ones that are cool, that is!) But do we have authorities that can wield that gentle, understanding authority that soothes the wild noder? I think (excuse me, please) the unfettered sensibilities that make certain of our noders-on-high so intriguing also take away the authority, like the teacher that wears a backwards baseball cap.

So this i submit: we need someone with less sass - maybe less streetwise and more evenkeeled; say, someone, possibly, who never nodes (thus, a mystery). Someone who can hold the hand of the noder taking his first steps, and soothe & advise the poor soul who just got stung with a downvote. Yet, someone who knows when to unleash EDB, and has the infinite patience to keep typing /msg username reasonable, understanding, studied message over and over again in the face of unrelenting whys? and abuse. Also somebody who can tell the Pinchemadres from the Dmen. And make good pies (or, of course, macaroons). Yeah.

thanks and smooches as always to yossarian for editorial assistance and encouragement.

so, any volunteers for this thankless job?

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