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In the interest of making sure that Everything2 continues to be a strong creative community, these are the simple rules by which we police the site. This code of conduct is a guideline for staff and users of Everything2 that codifies the community standards of participation. It may be updated and revisited as necessary.

Site Code Of Conduct

  1. Content is owned by the author. You are free to write, remove, and post elsewhere content you publish on this site. Editing and policing of said content on Everything2 is owned by the editors and staff of Everything2. Content may be removed at their discretion. Content may additionally undergo minor edits or retitling based upon editorial standards; contribution to this site represents consent to that editing.

  2. Written writeup content may cover any subject at the discretion of the author. Explicit hate speech - specifically, direct threats against groups or individuals that are not clearly fictional, historical or parodic - is not permitted on Everything2. Editors and staff of Everything2 are the final judgement on whether or not content in writeups constitute hate speech.

  3. Everything2 may not be used to harass other users. Examples of such harassment include:
    • Threats of violence
    • Unwanted sexual or other harassment
    • Revealing real life information of people without their consent
    • Incitements to harass other users
    • Harassment based on race, gender, ethnicity, creed or sexual identity

  4. Attempts to avoid or subvert enforcement of this code will be subject to suspension and removal from the site.

  5. E2 allows the use of multiple accounts, so long as the accounts are not used for:

  6. We do not condone or allow the subversion or exploitation of the technical infrastructure of Everything2 outside of sanctioned testing exercises.

  7. Participation on Everything2 and publication on is at the will of the staff and community at large. Users found to be unable or unwilling to conform to the editorial standards of the staff, the Code of Conduct, or feedback as directed by the staff or a bulk of the community may be asked to leave for a period of time or removed from the site, along with their writing.

  8. Everything2 Media LLC is based in and subject to the laws of the United States of America.

  9. This code does not cover all circumstances; if you have a question please ask a member of the editorial staff for clarification.

If this is not clear, ask questions in the Chatterbox or approach the E2 Staff

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