While browsing around Everything you may run into something on your page that looks like:

Server Error (Error Id 3845021)!

An error has occured. Please contact the site administrator with the Error Id. Thank you.

If you see this error, it means that a piece of our code that is generating the page had a fatal error. Fatal being that it was not able to execute properly. Most of the time it is due to bad data, or us not trapping for errors properly.

When we encounter an error, we print out the offending code. However, instead of letting you (the nice E2 noders) see this garbage, we print it to an error log file. Since we do this, we need a way for us to match the error message in the log file with your error, if you choose to tell us about it.

So... we have an error ID. The error ID is *randomly* generated. Yes, its random. It means nothing. Its just a simple way for us to match your error with the error in the log file. If you reload a page that is getting an error, you will notice that the error Id is different each time.

Thats it. No majik, no voodoo. Heck, we ain't smart enough to have *real* error messages, so we have to fake'em.

And we're supposed to believe that it's mere coincidence that node number 477588 (a number with a suspicious pattern to it, no?) is a Star Trek TNG episode node, and that Everything claims for the other numbers soft-linked above that "there's nothing there".

Like I'm too stupid to realise that nothing is the opposite of Everything (even to the extent of utilising different capitalisation!).

Thanks for nothing, dbrown. I prefer to believe in theories with a bit more empirical backing to them, if it's all right with you and your imperialistic masters in The MANAGEMENT. Next you'll probably explain as coincidence the tough beans message at node 127. Or maybe 127 is also a random number, like Brian Eno is a random node?

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