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It is said that the human brain only uses 10% of its potential power. To achieve full use of our brains, we must learn how to be more efficient in our thinking and ourreception of input. Now we use all or many of our senses for one or two events (watching a movie, eating, talking, etc, ad infinitum). You can eat while watching a movie but you can not ride a bicycle while doing so. If our senses were to act independent of eachother, then we could do so. To explain, you may use the taste senses in the aforementioned example, while eating, and you can use the sight and sound to work together to watch the movie. This is three senses used for two events. To learn what blackberries taste like during said example would be impossible to do all at once in today's world. This is what is meant by efficient use of the senses.

We evolved and separated from the rest of the species of animals because we learned how to use senses at the same times. We use the physical sensation by using tools to accomplish a task (ie: hunting) that is also using the sight, smell and hearing senses. This has been seen recently with the invention of radios and televions, that allow users to do a task around the house (eating dinner) while using the sight and/or sound for a whole other purpose (watchting tv/listening to the radio).

The next great evolution of our species will come with the massive incoporation of individual senses.

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