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Before the classic ExciteBike was revived for the Nintendo 64 in ExciteBike 64, Nintendo brought the classic game to the Super Famicom (Super NES in America) on the Satellaview service in 1996's ExciteBike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium. Nintendo took the ExciteBike premise and style and infused it with character and elements from the Super Mario Brothers universe, making dirtbiking another of the sporting events that Mario and friends have conquered.

Being a Satellaview game, the overall game was divided into four parts. Each week players could download and play a new part of the game. While each part contained the same basic ExciteBike play style, different parts unlocked different playable characters locked away others. Each part contains several tracks, each of which is divided into a solo practice run and then a race with seven other racers. In part one Wario, Toad, Mario, Luigi, and four Koopa Troopas take to the Piranha Plant-lined track to battle it out for first place. Collecting mushrooms will cool down an overheating engine, while coins add to the score and provide Super power, allowed a bike's engine to never overheat. Every so often the characters will exclaim one of their lines from Mario Kart 64, although the sound quality suffers due to being 16-bitized. In the second part of the game new tracks becomes playable, while part three adds Princess Peach to the lineup. For part four Luigi is replaced by Yoshi. Course designs changed each week and players would compete to achieve the top score.

ExciteBike: Bun Bun Mario Battle Stadium is long gone at this point since the Satellaview service has been out of business for several years. ROMs of each part of the game have been seen in the wilds of the Internet, but there is no known game pak version of this title.


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