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For one thing, it’s cheaper.
And excusable at work. As long as the cause of the exhaustion is a long night of workish achievement, rather than sexual marathons or frantic partying.

There are so many colorful terms…. “I’m stuffed”.. “I’m buggered”… “I’m screwed”…. which now that I come to look at them all seem to be sexually related. Is this because the mind in its vegetative state instinctively runs at genital level? These are the deep philosophic questions that suddenly become fascinating.

Yes, just like when you’re stoned.

Remember all of the fantastically deep, insightful and brilliant theories you had about the human condition last time you sent your mind on a chemical ride? Go without sleep for 48 hours and they’ll suddenly seem dazzling again. Streams of consciousness seem worth keeping, just because it takes so much more effort to make them legible.

Crap like this appears worth posting in a public forum.

The shakes come on.

Small purple gerbils begin to peek in the windows. Rainbow colored snakes start writhing across the walls out of the corners of your eye. Your immune system appears to completely shut down, adding to the stoned feeling by producing a lungbutter choked cough. Gritty, grainy vision.

Fuck the drugs, this is much more fun.

“Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
Fled is that music:--Do I wake or sleep? “
-John Keats

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