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Folks say that goats will eat anything, including tin cans. After testing this theory in person, I concluded they like the glue from the label. Other than that, I do agree that a goat will eat just about anything.

A friend of mine had goats on his property. They would turn up in the oddest places, one day in the tractor seat, the next day on the roof of the house. One goat in particular loved to be near my friend. It was worse than a puppy dog, for wherever my pal went, the goat was sure to follow.

One summer we decided to go camping up the hill behind his barn. We packed everything we'd need since we were planning to spend the weekend up there. There was a creek nearby, so we didn't have to lug water with us.

We hiked up the hill and set up camp. We had a fire going and we were telling scary ghost stories while roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. We were goofing around when we heard something by our packs. We were nervous, and a lot of noise was coming from that direction. We took a flashlight and crept over to the ruckus.

That pesky goat was in my friend's backpack eating our provisions.

We chased it away, and surveyed the damage. Almost all of his food was gone, so we would have to make a trip back down the hill for new supplies. We cursed the goat, who had run off.

On our way down the hill the next morning, we came to the creek. Lying next to it was the goat, its intestines and gizzards lying next to the stiff dead carcass. We ran down the hill to get my friend's father and told him the goat had been attacked. We led him back to the body.

He inspected the goat and said it had exploded from the inside. We told him about finding the goat eating our provisions, and he said that almost all of the food we had packed was dried, dehydrated meals. The poor goat had eaten a stomach full of food, then went for a drink of water. The food expanded until it blew out of her body. It must have been an excruciatingly painful death. We felt sorry for the poor goat, and we buried her near our usual campsite. Whenever we were going camping after that, we always said we were going to "visit the goat".

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