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Formed by an ex-member of Crash Worship, currently based in Oakland and playing in San Francisco a real live marching band, different than the Big Red Marching Band although there is a woman named Red in the band, a bit more aggressive than your standard high school grapefruit selling types. Recently they've gotten cool matching uniforms, a baton twirling entourage and a bar which is set up on one of those things that the xylophone player would normally use to carry his instrument while marching. They don't play on stage so much as tromp through parties like pied pipers from hell only much much much much much louder.

There's a kinda spin-off of the band also which consists entirely of people with bullhorns (not like hats with horns or bull scrotum, more like portable amplified voice devices). There's not enough information yet to node 'em, but dagnabit they're cool.

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