So, you're walking down a corridoor in your uni/school/workplace, and you see someone you recognise halfway down the corridoor, walking your way. To up the stakes a bit, let's say it's a girl/boy/thing with whom you are somewhat enamoured. Your eyes meet. But you're still a good twenty seconds walk apart! what do you do now?

  1. The cowardly option, and most commonly employed (by me anyway): Look away, pretend you didn't see them. Look down at your feet, look at the sky, study the flyposters on the walls, whatever. Keep tags on where they are out of the corner of your eye, and when they are a reasonable distance away, say 'oh, hi', as if you just noticed them.
  2. The extrovert option:wave, grin, skip, run, pull stupid faces. Basically, go on recognising them until you pass each other.
  3. The 'at peace with yourself and the world' option: Don't flinch or look away, just make steady, confident eye contact until you reach each other. Say hi.
  4. The creepy option: Similar to the previous option, except you aren't cool enough to pull it off, so you just look like you are staring.
I personally favour method 1, but am trying to ease myself into method 3, without slipping into 4 territory. Easier said than done.

I think I cam claim I invented another method to handle this situation:

  1. The goofy method: Pull up one hand to partially cover your sight so that they can't see your eyes. This will make it seem like you're conciously and very blatantly (and rudely) avoiding them. Then take an obvious peek, make eye contact and smile at them, making them know you were just being, well, goofy. You are then usually close enough to say hi and initiate conversation, if you so wish. It also saves the other person from corriearklet, though it might bring about corriemoillie if done too soon.

Works better with people you know quite well and who are quite intelligent to understand it was a joke. I've never tried it with a person with whom I was enamoured, I warn you it could have disastrous effects. :)

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