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Eye to I was a rock band from Columbia, South Carolina. It consisted of Andrew Moore on vocals and guitar, Richard Kellerhals on bass, and Bill Elliot on drums. They only released one CD ("Eye to I"), which had seven songs on it: Burdens of Infatuation, Limo Moon, I'm Stalking You, Played, Same Old Song, Final Determination, and the Secret Song. Their unreleased material includes The Fly, Mother Mary, Right Wing/Legalize!, Lost in Eden and Noise Pollution. All three members were students of Dreher High School and regularly performed at Thorpopalooza (an annual music mini-festival) and the Cancerts held by the Distinctive Tie Club, admission for which was a can of food, hence the name. They also played at the FUBAR and the Pizza Bistro, a now defunct venue for bands.

Eye to I's sound was mostly heavy metal, with a little variety thrown in once in a while. For example, Same Old Song was a syrupy love ballad-type song, while Played was a vitriolic condemnation of a certain female's capriciousness complete with power chords and painfully screamed vulgarisms. Limo Moon was a jazz-funk song about when the guys went out to see a band that really sucked and ended up chasing some frat boys in a limo.

One time Andrew got into a little trouble over a flyer for a cancert that had the word "ass" on it, as in "come to a kick-ass show." The band was then prohibited from playing at any Dreher functions, but that rule did not last.

They usually put on a pretty good show. Richard and Andrew would begin The Fly by grinding their respective instruments against the other's, awash with effects. Richard also once played his bass by hitting it against the floor. Bill was an excellent drummer, and Andrew was a good guitarist. Their only drawback was slight, but it was noticeable: Andrew's voice. But he managed.

Eye to I broke up at the end of the 1999-2000 school year because Andrew left for Nashville, Tennessee.

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