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The observation that, in any given comic strip, the character most likely to invent a weapon of mass destruction will usually have blonde hair and wear opaque glasses which conceal their eyes from all angles; together with the notion that this fact is in some way significant. Riff of Sluggy Freelance is a good, though by no means the only, example.

The people who first noticed this correlation formed the Society for Unravelling the Eyeless Blonde Conspiracy, or S.U.S.B.E.C., in order to determine common themes between the various EB characters and generally solve the mysteries arising from their existence, not the least of which is how "S.U.S.B.E.C." manages to be an acronym for "Society for Unravelling the Eyeless Blonde Conspiracy". S.U.S.B.E.C. have a website, at http://www.nukees.com/susbec/

Opinion is divided about whether or not Dilbert counts as an EB, as although he is clearly eyeless, it is not clear if he has hair or if that is simply the shape of his head.

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