I think eyes are peoples' most interesting, attractive, and telling feature; windows to our hearts and souls.

Julie has a blue eye and a green one. She's got two-tone eyes under long blond hair, on a tan 6-foot frame, with never-ending legs. Her glances naturally have a curiously striking appearance.

Eyes quickly convey a variety of ideas. A glance may eclipse everything else. You see those eyes without noticing the face.

Tom has a glass eye. When he's driving, he likes to turn and chat with people in the back seat. His one real eye is not on the road, the back seat warns about the red lights. Tom's a nice guy. His boss gave him a chrome-plated railroad spike, mounted vertically on a wooden plaque, and told him what to do with it.

Jan's eyes, under her reddish brown hair, change color from green to aqua or blue. Red with blue can be stunningly beautiful. She complements that by dressing in red or aqua colored shirts. She's simply beautiful. Looking in her eyes, you know she knows what she's doing.

Karl has strabismus, a funny cockeyed look, reminiscent of Marty Feldman, and a wry sense of humor to match. Karl's wife mentioned he's also got a more general tendency to wander.

Jamie wears sunglasses. Some hide behind sunglasses. Jamie is blind. He told me his eyes are in his mind, and that works by feeling and hearing things. He said not to worry, blind people do things others do, naturally.

We look up at the sun and close our eyes. I see bright orange, under closed eyelids, on warm sunny days.

Your eyes can be your best features. Probably better looking than your nose.

When noses touch you see eyes without a face, les yeux sans visage.

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