On the 21st of June each year in France and many other French speaking countries every town, village and city celebrates the Fete De La Musique.

This celebration of music has become an enormous event and can take up the entire night. All over France bands play the night away in organised events and in the streets people grab drums, trumpets or any other musical instrument and make their own noise.
People drink, dance and sing. Every bar and street side cafe is packed with people and pulsating with different kinds of music.

In Paris, near Bastille, the atmosphere is especially wild. African, latin and French rhythms are all there and the whole square is a mass of bodies.

If you want to join in I advise sticking away from the formal, organised events. They are more or less just concerts as you might expect on any other night. Get yourself out on the street, meet people you don't know and dance with them. If you know how, bring an instrument and join in with making the music and making the night.

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