An obscure Japanese games console made by Fujitsu. One of the transition era consoles. Featured a CD-ROM drive and a huge number of hardware sprites, although these had to be displayed within a window narrower than the screen. Reviews of arcade perfect conversions by Ving of Tatsujin 2 and Splatter House appeared in Edge in 1993, and the console was one of the main targets for Psygnosis' Microcosm, and its follow up Scavenger 4 (though this is not something to be proud of). Although going the way of the other transition period consoles such as the Jaguar or 3DO, it none the less served as a showcase for CD-ROM technology, and played a small but significant part in the move to 32-bit.

Specs lifted from issue 2 of Edge:

  • CPU: 80386DX @ 16 MHz (A later version was made using a 486SX)
  • Colours: 32 768 (256 onscreen)
  • Resolution: 352 x 232
  • Sprites: 1024 onscreen
  • CD transfer: 150 k/sec
  • Sound: 6 channel FM, 8 channel PCM

For the record, the Marty also sported a 3.5" floppy drive.

Fun Fact!: An actual "Car Marty" was produced in Japan in 1993. It set you back about US$850.

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