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fake the funk; phrase (slang)

  1. To take part in an activity for which one has no interest or concern.
  2. -"Joe, what the hell are you doing in a feng shui class? I thought you hated all that New Age crap?"

    -"I do, dude, I'm just faking the funk 'cause there's a hottie in the class."

  3. To pretend to be something one is not; to play at something.
  4. -"Dude, you are not now, nor will you ever be 31337."

    -"Maybe not, but I can fake the funk well enough to score some warez off these script kiddies."

  5. To feign understanding; to pretend to "get it" when one does not, in fact, "get it".
  6. -"Dude, this kid will not shut up about the new Modest Mouse CD."

    -"I know, and he's so not even indie. He's just faking the funk 'cause the hip hop kids won't let him hang out any more."

kthejoker says re Fake the funk: You might want to mention Bootsy Collins' original lyrics: "You can't fake the funk, or your nose gotta grow"

For further contextual usage and a couple good chuckles, check out this article by the Ex Caminos:

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