Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean east of Argentina, also known as Islas Malvinas. Currently an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, but Argentina also claims them and the two countries fought the brief Falkland Islands War over them in 1982.

The Falkland Islands are one of the most beautiful areas of the earth. I lived there for some of my teenage years and would love to go back. Unfortunately tickets are a little expensive now. Imagine an area the size of Wales with hardly anybody anywhere. Great hulking mountains, vast plains and peat bogs for riding across on trailbikes, miles and miles of sandy beaches, wild birds as yet unafraid of man that will come up and feed out of your hand.

I have wonderful memories of Christmasses spent down at the beach lying in the sun - everyone drinking beer, wine or cocktails. Due to its position, it is much warmer than the UK - very little rain or snow as most precipitation is deposited on the Andes, and the thinner ozone layer makes for a stronger Sun.

It was always fun to head south from Scotland to RAF Brize Norton, fly to Ascension Island and then onward to Mount Pleasant Airport which is about 40 miles west of Port Stanley. Of course the first few times we went out there, the Ascension Island to Falkland Islands hop was by North Sea Ferry or Cruise Liner which was excellent. Two weeks at sea from near the equator to 52 degrees south, with a few civilians and hundreds of military bods. I think that was the first time I ever got to fire a GPMG, a Rocket Launcher and a LAW.

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